Projects - Refurbishment building - Shatin Industrial Centre

2019 Refurbishment Project in New Territories, Hong Kong.


Location: Shatin Industrial Centre, 5-7 Yuen Shun Circuit, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong.

Total Area:  25,000 sq.ft

CAM-C Direct Expansion (DX) - Underfloor supply air, underfloor return air


The Shatin Industrial Centre is a multi-function building located in the centre of Hong Kong, which has been designed with both commercial and industrial purposes in mind. The tenant, T.H.E Design, has transformed the entire sixth floor into a co-working space specifically for their entrepreneurial membership community of designers and architects.  

The AET CAM-C Direct Expansion (DX) underfloor air conditioning system was specified for the co-working space, and had a significant impact on its design. The CAM-C Direct Expansion system is ideally suited to refurbishments, or buildings with space constraints, as it can maximise the use of space. This project is the first time that the CAM-C Direct Expansion Unit has been used in Hong Kong and Asia.

At the Shatin Industrial Centre, eight CAM-C downflow units induce the conditioned air into underfloor supply zones. 122 Fantile Terminal Units (FTU), which are recessed into the floor, then extract the conditioned air from the plenum below the raised floor and introduce it into the co-working areas. Within the floor void, an air segregation baffle divides zones into supply and return plena.

The AET Flexible Space CAM-C system gives the end-users full control and ensure comfort cooling. The Flexvisor BMS software allows for independent remote monitoring and supervision, with local access using network IP address within the co-working area. In addition, wall mountable, touchscreen remote controllers can adjust the fan speed, temperature, and measure carbon dioxide and humidity.

The T.H.E Design co-working space offers the design community convenient access to Hong Kong and areas of South China, like Shenzhen.  Ahead of the grand opening in November 2019, T.H.E Design won silver in the Hong Kong Design Awards 2019, organized by DRIVENxDESIGN, in the Interior Design – Corporate and Commercial category