News - New Era of Office Development in Post-COVID 19

New Era of Office Development in Post-COVID 19

The recent COVID-19 epidemic and its aftermath has become one of the biggest challenges in today’s business word. It changes our ways of working and lifestyle. Despite being restricted by social distancing, people still prefer meeting and working one another face-to-face. To maintain a healthy workspace, we shall start to reform a new office pattern and put hygiene at the heart of office planning. The following shares a few effective solutions to upgrade our offices environment from facility management & engineering perspectives.


First, installation of Ultraviolet Lamp in AHU Room improve indoor air cleanliness. To maintain the office air quality, HVAC (Heating, ventilation & air conditioning) system takes the most fundamental and essential role. The use of Ultraviolet Lamp in AHU minimizes the need for internal cleaning, at the same time, 99.9% of unwanted particles like virus, bateria and molds can be eradicated by decomposing their DNA structures. Ultraviolet cleaning also contributes to energy savings by reducing water consumption, water waste and chemical use in maintenance.


Enhancement in workspace flexiblity can be achieved with AET Flexible Space System. Raised Floor will be served as technicial zone for cable management & air conditioning. Ceiling-based activities and the following duct works are eliminated. The installation work & following maintenance are relatively flexible, economical and easy to adapt for tenant during fitting out and future change of use.


Moreover, zonal AHUs for air conditioning avoids the risk of cross contamination. The ventilation mechanism of Nina Tower Hong Kong is CAM-C system (Fully Underfloor for supply and return air). Each floor is divided into 8 zones, a CAM-C unit will be responsible for ventilation in a particular zone. Fan assisted units (TUs) bring conditioned air from floor void into our workspace. Independent CAM operation ensures the effective sucking of dust & air in a particular zone from return air grille at floor level, and eventually return back to CAM.  Also, a faster air exchange & filtration can be achieved by 10 times compare with traditional AHU/ fancoil units. Since fancoil units or other VAV system needs to cool up the whole workspace from ceiling to floor level, while TUs located at floor level bring the conditioned air up to 2.0m only. With the use of Under Floor Air Conditioning, “Excellent Class” in Indoor Air Quality has been certified in the building since 2011.


It is the right time for us to rethink the engineering elements that contributes to a better office workspace for the sake of our health, well-being and future development. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Winnie Cheung ( or Ms Wendy Ng ( Thank you for your kind attention.