News - Regular Maintenance for Air Conditioning

Why a Regular Maintenance on Air Conditioning is so Important?

The recent outbreak of novel coronavirus arises administrators & facility manager’s deep concern towards indoor air quality (IAQ) in workplace. Office workers spend around 40 hours in office per week. Air conditioning & its equipment plays a vital role, it does more than just cooling you and your colleagues. The cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning system secures tremendous benefits, including ensure a better IAQ, prolong the A/C unit lifespan and improve its working efficiency.

An excellent Indoor Air Quality ensures your well-being in your workplace. Air quality highly affects our well-beings since we stay 70% of the time at indoor. In order to maintain a good air quality, the efficiency of air circulation, air exchange and air filtration rate of air conditioning system are crucial. Alternatively, poor air circulation in office provides an ideal condition for cultivation of mould, bacteria and respiratory suspended particulates (RSP). When A/C are operating under such environment, undesirable particles will accumulate and contaminate the air, eventually exposing you to a variety of respiratory infection and further unwanted diseases. Therefore, appropriate air conditioning management is essential to contribute a healthy workspace.

Secondly, a well-maintained Air Conditioning System is significant to prolong its product life, as well as reduce unnecessary energy consumption due to the parts damage. Administrators shall be proactive with such maintenance work from time to time by specialists in order to sort out any potential problems in an early stage and avoid high replacement cost in the future.

In addition, Air Conditioning System with regular cleaning improves air flow rate. Cleanliness is an irreplaceable factor to allow the system performing efficiently. For example, filters blocked with dust diminish supply air volume. To maintain same rate of air supply, fan speed has to enlarge which increase the energy consumption undesirably. Moreover, filters with bacteria and dust contamination will affect the supply air quality. As a result, sanitizing of A/C system periodically is paramount important to ensure proper air exchange and avoid technical problems.  

All in all, a regular cleaning & maintenance of Air Conditioning system brings office workers and workspace with health and monetary benefits in both short and long run. Should you have further enquiries regarding maintenance work of the system, please feel free to contact Ms. Winnie Cheung ( or Ms. Wendy Ng ( at 2575 2181. Please take good care and thank you for your kind attention.