News - Tour Visit - Future of Workspace in Post COVID-19

Tour Visit: Flexible Space System for the Future of Workspace in Post COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic reshapes the future of our workspace. Office workers are now considering for a more flexible, healthy, sustainable and control-driven working environment. AET’s Flexible Space System is the game changing solution to meet with these requirements. Flexible Space System (FSS) is an innovative approach to intelligent commercial buildings by providing design flexibility, time & cost savings and  user comfortability. Moreover, it brings benefits to shareholders like developers, architects, facilities managers, end users and the society in both short & long run.

Previously a FSS refurbishment project (Underfloor air conditioning system – DX series) has been completed at the top floor of Shatin Industrial Centre. For the office interior, the use of ceiling void is totally eliminated, while the technical layers, including Air Conditioning & Cable Management, are serviced within underfloor. Finishing height of Raised Floor System is only 300mm. To explore more about the design innovation and inherit flexibility that suit the demand of today’s workplace, you are cordially invited to visit our showroom in Shatin. Our team would like to share about ways to achieve building sustainability by Flexible Space System that contribute to a betterment for future office. We welcome your team to pay a visit to our showroom at your convenience by appointment.

For interested party, please feel free to contact Ms. Wendy Ng at or (852) 2575 2181.