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Solar Heating and Cooling System

  • Solar Cooling Solution provides a natural "fit" between solar energy and the need for cooling since they both peak during the summer. AET combine Solar Thermal Panels with an Absorption Chiller to convert free solar energy into cooling power. This will reduce your energy bills and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Various capacities of absorption chillers are available to fit your application. Currently, we provide high quality Solar FAÇADE and evacuated tube collectors with high efficiency, combining with absorption chiller unit, solar cooling can be achieved by converting the solar heat energy into cooling power. Ice storage systems offer building owners the potential for maximizing savings by using solar energy gain from weekends to produce ice for use in cooling during peak hours.
  • The major advantage of utilizing solar thermal energy is in the summer when the heat load of the air conditioning system is at its peak, the amount of hot water produced by solar energy also increases, and therefore electrical consumption can be minimized by using Solar Cooling solution. Absorption chiller can also utilize other waste heat sources such as that from a boiler of a factory.
  • With years of proven air conditioning project experience, AET will offer one stop solar cooling solution to the clients. Our system consists of thermal solar panels, storage tank unit, absorption chiller, ice storage, auxiliary boiler and control unit.