Projects - New building - Australia Warilla Library

Refurbishment Building in 2019/2020


Location: Warilla, Shellharbour, NSW, Australia

Area: 900 m

CAM-V System – Underfloor Supply, High Level Return of Air

No of Fantile Unit (Model: TU4) :  48

Control system: Flexmatic Touch - BMS Modbus listen



The new build Warilla Library with upgraded facilities was proposed as part of the Shellharbour Council Libraries & Museum Strategy 2014.  The existing facility was constructed in 1968, but is inappropriately located and not purpose built as a library, and without co-located community services, deemed necessary for a modern facility.  AET received this first Australian order via their local agent, Air Solutions International and the $5.6 million project is already under construction.


The UFAC system specified for the Warilla Library is a CAM-V system is split into 4 zones.  Each zone is served by a single CAM-V downflow unit, supplying the conditioned air into the plenum beneath the raised access floor, which also serves as the ventilation zone for UfAC systems without the need for additional ductwork.  Conditioned air is introduced into the workspace using around 12 Fantiles per zone and the used air is received back at high level before returning to the CAM for reconditioning.  Fantiles recess into the underfloor void and the whole system is networked together and can be controlled using the Flexmatic Touch display unit connected to the CAM.


Tenant: Shellharbour Council

E&M Consultant: Arrow Consulting Engineers