Projects - New building - ICBC Building in Beijing

ICBC Building in Beijing
The largest Commercial Bank in China
AET Flexible Space designed, supplied & installed UFAC in 2015
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC) is currently the largest commercial bank in China. Flexible Space System (FSS) concept was applied in Beijing branch of ICBC, which is due to the unique characteristics of FSS - design flexibility, healthy workplace, and the ease of maintenance. The project was commenced in 2013 and ended in 2015.The total area is 3400 sqm. 

Underfloor Air Conditioning Hybrid System Concept is operateing in ICBC. It makes use of the raised floor void as a plenum for the distribution of supply air via Fantile Units. Return air is received back to the unit at ceiling or high level. 292 Fantile Units were installed. At the same time, Flexvisor supervision is used to connect with independent components like Flexmatic and Fantile Units and adjust the temperature, which can respond to clients' requests efficiently.