Projects - Refurbishment building - JEBN Group Tower in Hong Kong

Hong Kong JEBN Limited

Hong Kong based food retailer and manufacturer

AET Flexible Space designed, supplied & installed Complete UFAC in 2013

Hong Kong JEBN Group Tower, located in Tai Wai, sells high quality food. On 7th floor of its office building, Underfloor Air Conditioning System was chosen by the client, mainly due to its flexibility in modification and the excellence in indoor air quality. The total area of UFAC project, include Nesite raised floor system, is 1200sqm. CAM-C downflow units are installed, which make good use of the raised floor void as a plenum for the air distribution, and also for the return. Fantile unitss are used to distribute the conditioned air to surroundings. A total of 90 fantile units & heater are installed. Fresh Air Module Units (FAM) are located underneath to bring the fresh air from outdoor into the working environment. Functions of Flexvisor IP Control are to connect and communicate with other working networks.